Claye – Forever Music Video (Behind The Scenes)

Claye Forever music video shoot

After a successful first project, we were asked to produce a second video for Claye’s next single “Forever”. A bigger budget was available for this project which allowed us to get more creative with the locations.

This music video producion was shot in two locations; a barbers and a warehouse/attic space. The first location in Hackney, London, was ‘E Street Barbers’. In this location our idea was fairly simple, we wanted Claye to get his beard trimmed in preparation for his night ahead with his date. The set up was in the middle barber chair with a key light, and then a backlight from three DMX tubes. We began by shooting slow motion b roll followed by one main performance scene which we shot multiple times to get a wide and close up shots.

The second location was in a stylised warehouse also located in Hackney. This was our main location. We had around 5 hours in this location to shoot multiple performance shots and b roll with the model, along with a little narrative.

In this location, our idea from the treatment was to have a heavy neon lighting theme. We began by setting up a corner of the warehouse and turning it into a room for the model’s dresser. We had our Aputure 120D with a softbox and honeycomb grid above Autumn, whilst our DMX LED tube lights were used as backlights and kickers from the side. The second set up was a little hallway in the warehouse which had two main windows with a colour scheme of red, orange and blue. This fit the vibe of the music video so we decided to place Claye next to the window adding one DMX Led tube light above in blue as a key light, and an Aputure 120D with a red gel lighting through the door in the back to create depth.


Clay music video production

For the big finale for this music video we set up the DMX led tube lights along the barriers in the main room to create a neon triangle affect in the backdrop. We experimented with various lighting settings, some flashing, multiple colours and also just a simple orange glow for Claye’s performance. This was a very cool shot and was our favourite of the day.


Overall this was a really smooth shoot with Claye and Autumn and we really enjoyed it. We hardly had any issues in terms of location or production, the shots took a little longer in certain scenes but we managed to get the video filmed in the scheduled time without compromising any shots that we had planned to get. 


Check out the video here: