We now have a CAA drone licence!

Aerial drone operator
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After 2 months of hard work, we now are fully licensed to fly our drone commercially. This means now we can supply a drone videography service capturing cinematic aerial footage in 4K.

Flying drones in the UK has recently become a headache due to the new laws and regulations so we decided to go ahead and get a licence.

CAA PfCO Drone Courses

There are so many companies out there offering drone courses and training to get you your licence, but they are all very similar. We decided to go ahead with a company called Airborne Platforms as this particular company offered an online course.

The online course took approximately 20 hours to complete the theory, then 3 hours to complete the practical. This sounds like it doesn’t take too long to get a licence, but it involved a lot of research work, tests, revision and creating supporting documents. The main bulk of the licence is something called an Operations Manual. The ‘Ops manual’ includes all your companies safety regulations, how you are going to operate, which basically show the CAA that you are going to bind by the laws and fly safely.