Why Is Video Content Good For Your Business?

Corporate video for businesses

Why Businesses Need Videos

Not only to advertise your business, videos for businesses can be used to explain a product or service to potential customers. As well as that, it can be used as a documentation to share experiences and events within your business. Creating good quality videos is now easier and cheaper than ever before, so forget the idea that written content is the only available option. 

The HubSpot Research report states “more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands – more than any other type of content”. This can be done through a website landing page video and its a great way for customers to engage as they are more likely to watch the landing page video when given the option over text. A study by Eyeview Digital revealed that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80 percent.

Having effective video marketing will boost awareness of your business, increase sales and conversion whilst building a connection with your audience. It’s a powerful strategy to engage the audience and create a memorable impact for your brand.  

Social Media Adverts

With the ever growing impact of social media, there is no doubt that social media adverts are a necessary marketing strategy for all businesses. Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s EMEA vice president predicts that in five years, Facebook “will be probably all video”.  Social media adverts can be directly targeted at your intended audience so your marketing budget is being used wisely. This makes them one of the most cost-effective strategies to boost sales or service for your business. 

Videos for business marketing should be used not only to raise awareness of your business but as a continuous marketing strategy. Video marketing can be used to demonstrate your products to your target audience, how they work and what they will gain from purchasing. The ultimate goal of increasing leads, sales and conversion are certain with trust and loyalty from consumers. In a study by Wyzowl, 81% of businesses using explainer videos on their website said that this had helped them increase sales.

Successful corporate video production will ensure your business is represented with a much-needed personality to gain loyalty and emotional appeal with consumers.

Explainer videos of your products or services are guaranteed to implement trust between you and your consumers, as they can visually see you know your stuff! Through presenting your expertise, you are also persuading consumers to choose you over competitors.

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Google Loves Video

A key element of marketing is SEO (search engine optimization). Do you want major search engines such as Google to consider your website relevant and appear further up the search results? The answer is video. 

Here is a list of pros from having a video on your website:

  • Brings higher traffic to your website.
  • Embed your videos. Transcript for videos including keywords.
  • Google is inclined to prioritise video for search result returns. 
  • Increases how long visitors will remain on a page, therefore google will rank the page more favourably. 
  • Creates thumb stopper moments. 
  • Video content allows you to be a part of the vast search engine, YouTube. 

We have worked with many businesses of all sizes and have had great feedback from our clients after producing them a video. If you have any questions and want to get in touch about what we can do for you, please email or call our Sheffield office.